Born in Israel in 1971 and currently residing in the village of Catskill, New York, where I continue to photograph my surroundings as I have for most of my life.

After a career in design I have, in the last few years, returned to photography as my main passion, focus of creativity as well as a source of income via architectural and art documentation. This time, through my experience as a designer, I am more able to bring a rigorous methodology and project-based approach to photography than I previously could and, paradoxically, with it more freedom to explore. For some projects I use a large-format film camera and for others a digital camera, feeling free to use whatever makes sense for each project. 

My work runs the gamut from a re-photography project of historical stereoscopy made in Palestine in the 1900s (Middle Eastern Promises) to photographing a series of landscapes in a dualistic view of 180 degrees and exploring the subjective value of each scene in the resulting diptychs (180 Degrees). 

During COVID in 2020 and afterwards I concentrated on projects encompassing local people (in my Six Feet Apart series) as well as the industrial landscape and the increasing freight traffic on my side of the river.

The Locomotion Series and Shipping Lane

These two bodies of work represent a fairly new photographic investigation of mine in which I photograph local landscape with an emphasis of the movement of cargo (via freight trains) and people (via the Amtrak Hudson line). By revisiting the same location again and again to photograph a scene in different time of day and different weather, I capture landscape view that changes all the time. Through the added layer of capturing time as I wait for train traffic to pass by - I create these unique diptychs that show landscape somewhat uninterrupted on the left, side by side with a photo capturing faster traffic on the right, which again makes each photograph unique under those fleeting circumstances. 

As Heraclitus famously said “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.”, I feel that each time I photograph such a scene. The river, clouds, the train and myself are not the same. I believe the beauty of the Hudson Valley is evident in some of these, yet human intervention is omni-present.

Reach out to me with any questions, print inquiries or just to say hello!

Holding my trusty 4
Photo: MLW

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