Holding my trusty 4
Photo: MLW

This is my personal photography portfolio. Some years ago I switched from using a medium format camera to a large format (4" x 5") camera and as a result, have been working on projects in a more concise and active approach.

I am currently working on various projects including one specific project that involves photography in several locations throughout Israel and the occupied territories called Middle Eastern Promises. The project was featured on the Shpilman Institute for Photography blog and exhibited in various galleries in the Hudson Valley.

I enjoy the time it takes to setup a larger camera, including the unexpected and welcomed interaction with people who see me working with a larger camera on a tripod. Surprisingly (at least to me), I have photographed more portraits and people using this field camera than ever before.

Parts of the site represent collections of recent work and some are of less recent photos, separated by subjects or ideas.

I was always interested in photographing physical and virtual borders - the space between us and our surroundings - and what we do to those locations. The photographs often manifest that by showing subtle ecological issues. Things most other people walk or drive by without care or notice.

When I am not behind the camera, I edit and publish an iPad photography magazine called VIEW. My firm, fusionlab, designs and programs apps for mobile devices, as well as design large-scale websites for artists and non-profit organizations. I also collaborate with artists on documenting their projects with photography and video.

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